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Proclamation for 15 training positions in Luxembourg

Publié le mardi 10 octobre 2017


The Bodossakis Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Greece and the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg, announces the funding of fifteen (15) positions for a six (6) months period of practical training in companies and organizations in Luxembourg.

The internship will start in January 2018. Applications can be submitted by 6th November 2017 by holders of postgraduate diploma or postgraduate students of the following specializations:

-Economics, Marketing & Communication, Business & Management, Finance & Banking, Administrative Science and Technology
-Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, Applied Informatics
The positions for the internship are as follows:


2. Software Engineer Internship – Amphinicy Technologies

3. Software Engineer Internship – Compellio

4. DevOps Internship – Compellio

5. Content Marketing Internship – Compellio

6. Private Banking Internship – Eurobank Private Bank Luxembourg S.A.

7. Junior Economist Internship – IDEA Foundation

8. Software Developer Internship – Intorel

9. Marketing and Sales Assistant Internship – Intorel

10. Strategy & Market Intelligence Internship – SES

11. Satellite Network Monitoring & Control Internship – SES

12. Distributed VoIP platform Internship – SES

13. Managed WiFi for VSAT Internship – SES

14. Universal Customer Interface Internship – SES

15. Sales Internship – vyzvoice


General conditions for internships

    -Candidates must be Greek from origin or nationality

    -An excellent knowledge of English is required (Proficiency or TOEFL with 80/213/550 units or IELTS greater than or equal to 6.5).

    -Candidates are required to meet the required educational specifications for each placement that they wish to apply for. For all positions, a Degree and Postgraduate Degree are required by Higher Education Institutions in Greece or abroad.

    -An excellent PC knowledge is required

    -Candidates must not be older than 32 years of age.

 Additional information
Interested parties must send by electronic mail no later than November 6, 2017 the following:
    1. A full and recent curriculum vitae in English.

    2. A one-page report in English explaining the reasons for applying for a placement in this category.

    3. According to the required specifications: a copy of their degree, a copy of the postgraduate diploma. Those who have not completed their postgraduate studies, are kindly requested to send a detailed grade attestation, by the date of their application, provided that they are sure they will have completed their postgraduate studies on the date of the beginning of the internship.

    4. A copy of a foreign language certificate.

    5. A letter of recommendation in English by the supervising professor at the postgraduate program.
Applications are only accepted electronically at (fill in the subject of the email with: "Application for a Placement in Luxembourg"). Candidates are invited to indicate in their application, explicitly, the specific position or placement they select.

Selection process

A Selection Committee for the trainees is put in place, and consists of representatives of the Foundation, of the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Greece and representatives for the employment of companies and organizations.

The committee invites, at its discretion, the candidates to an interview, preselects the predominant positions for the companies and the organizations, and proposes them to the Board of Directors of the Foundation, which takes the final decision.

Other information

The companies and organizations participating in the program have been proposed by the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Greece, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, and are active in Luxembourg. A pre-condition for the Foundation Grant, is the prior signature of a trainee's contract with the person concerned for the exercise of an internship who represents a company or organization participating to this program.

The grant from the Foundation has a six-month duration and is intended to contribute to the payment of rent and the cost of living of the trainee, and amounts to € 1.300 per month. Furthermore, the Foundation, after consultation with the trainee, will cover the cost of a return ticket from Greece to Luxembourg, up to a total of € 250.

The company or organization interested in having the trainee is not required to pay a fee but provides health insurance in accordance with the valid regulations in Luxembourg, and will assist those concerned in finding a place of residence.

The Foundation will not interrupt the grant if a company or organization, in its sole discretion and judgment, pays an additional amount to the trainee. The Foundation may suspend the grant if the company or organization ceases to employ the trainee for any reason, and if the trainee stops working for any reason.

Self-evident obligations for the trainees are the respect of the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a good behavior and respect of the confidentiality rules imposed by the company or organization. Trainees do not acquire employment rights after the end of their exercise, nor other occupational rights.

After completing their training program, trainees are required to send a report to the Foundation, with a notification to the Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Greece, describing the experiences they have gained there.

For more information, please contact us at the following phone number or e-mail address:

T: +30 210 722 5849


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