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Romania – Sibiu : Philharmonic Concert by Carlo Jans & Anik Schwall and presentation of the book “Order 7161” by the photographer Marc Schroeder

Publié le jeudi 09 juin 2022

On 26th May 2022, the State Philharmonic of Sibiu (Romania) hosted a classical concert with the participation of the Luxembourgish conductor, Carlo Jans, and the Luxembourgish cello player, Anik Schwall. Together with the philharmonic orchestra, they played four pieces, including one of the Luxembourgish composer Marco Pütz and the Romanian composer Sorin Lerescu.

On the same day, Marc Schroeder, a Luxembourgish photographer was in Sibiu to present his book “Order 7161”. In his book, the photographer documents the deportation of 70 000 Romanian Germans to Soviet labour camps, after the order by Joseph Stalin, in 1944. The stories are recounted through the testimonies of the survivors.