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Winner of the 22nd Endurance Regularity Rally

Publié le lundi 21 octobre 2019

Yesterday Ambassador Steinmetz was able to congratulate at the Hellenic Motor Museum in Athens Mr Christian Crucifix and Ms Jennifer Hugo, the drivers of the Luxembourg Porsche who won the 22nd Endurance Regularity Rally (“24 Hours Greece”) which took place on 19-20 October. There were 70 teams. All cars are more than 30 years old. For the first time, a foreign team came out on top at the Greek rally. The owner and driver of the Porsche, Mr Crucifix is a Belgian national who lives in Alzingen (Luxembourg) and worked for Luxembourg companies. He was introduced to the Greek rally by a computer expert from Greece, M. Spyros Moustakas, who develops software for regularity driving. Speed is not the essence, rather the exact timing of passing different points and arriving at the just time. Mr Crucifix enjoys the Greek countryside and its excellent roads. He took part in a few competitions already and will definitely be back.   

Photo: Left: H.E. Mr Paul Steinmetz, Ambassador of Luxembourg in Greece right:  Mr Christian Crucifix