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  • Celebration of the National Day of Luxembourg Communiqués 24/06/22

    On 23 of June, Luxembourg’s national day, the Embassy of Luxembourg together with the Luxembourgish residents in Greece and the friends of our country gathered at the residency of the Ambassador of Luxembourg to celebrate this special day.

    The three honorary consuls of Luxembourg in Greece (Ms. Artémis Papatheodorou, Athens, Mr. Yannis Verginis, Thessaloniki, and Mr. Georgios Aerakis, Crete) joined the celebration.  

  • Romania – Sibiu : Philharmonic Concert by Carlo Jans & Anik Schwall and presentation of the book “Order 7161” by the photographer Marc Schroed... Communiqués 26 May 2022

    On 26th May 2022, the Philharmonic of Sibiu (Romania) hosted a classical concert with the participation of the Luxembourgish conductor, Carlo Jans, and the Luxembourgish cello player, Anik Schwall. On the same day, Marc Schroeder, a Luxembourgish photographer was in Sibiu to present his book “Order 7161”.

  • 21ο Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival – Claire Parsons Communiqués 3.6.2022

    H Πρέσβης του Μεγάλου Δουκάτου του Λουξεμβούργου στην Ελλάδα, κυρία Elisabeth Cardoso υποδέχτηκε στην Πρεσβεία την καλλιτέχνιδα από το Λουξεμβούργο Claire Parsons και το Κουιντέτο της.

    Το συγκρότημα συμμετείχε στο 21ο Athens Jazz Festival στις 25 Μαίου 2022 @ 21:00 στη κεντρική σκηνή της Τεχνόπολις. Φέτος, το φεστιβάλ ήταν αφιερωμένο σε γυναίκες καλλιτέχνες της τζαζ.

  • Official Visit of the Prime Minister Xavier Bettel to Cyprus Communiqués 05.05.2022

    On 5 May 2022, H.E. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, visited Cyprus for an official visit at the invitation of President Nicos Anastasiades.

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